User Guide (Beta v0.24.4)

Learn how to get started and use the features of Worthyt to make the best of your experience supporting content creators and platforms all over the Internet.

The Quick Start

If you want to just handle the bare minimum to get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension

  2. Sign up for an account (you can do so directly through the extension or by registering on our website)

  3. Sign in to your account by clicking on the Extension on the top right of your browser

  4. Charge your account by clicking recharge in the extension

  5. It will take you to your Wallet Page (you can add USD, BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH)

  6. After loading, you can start sending Appreciations and setting Bounties

  7. To send Appreciations, just go to a website like Reddit or Twitter and click the Worthyt buttons that appear next to the content/posts.

  8. To set Bounties, go to Reddit and post content. An "Apply a Bounty" button will appear next to Reddit's Submit button. Just be sure to apply your Bounty before hitting Submit!

Creating an Account

To use Worthyt's features, you must first create an account. We also highly recommend downloading the Chrome Extension because it will enable you to be able to see the Appreciation and Bounty buttons on different websites like Reddit and Twitter.

You can create an account through our Chrome Extension (you must download it first) or directly on the Worthyt Website (see image below)

To create an account, we need the following information from you:

What We Need

Why We Need It


We use this to send deposit and withdraw confirmations


We use this to identify you


You need a password to be able to log in!

Linking/Unlinking Your Social Media Accounts

Linking Your Social Media Accounts

After you create your account, the next thing you should do is link your social media accounts (e.g., Reddit, Twitter, or Medium). This is important because we use this linking process to verify that you own those accounts. By doing this, we will be able to properly credit the right Bounty Prizes and Appreciations to you.

To link your social media accounts, go to the Linked Profiles section of your Worthyt User Portal after you log in. On the top right, you'll see a blue button that says Link New Profile (you can't miss it, there's a big arrow pointing to it). Click it to begin.

For every social media account you have, just click the link button to begin the process. It's very straight-forward (for the more technical audience out there, we use read-only OAuth to get your username information).

Unlinking Your Social Media Accounts

Unlinking your account is easy; at any time, you can click on the unlink button on the right of the social media account you want to unlink. It immediately unlinks your profile.


If you unlink a profile, it will also take away any funds associated with that account as well. This is because each Appreciation/Bounty is linked to the social media account that received it, not the Worthyt account.

Funding Your Account

To send Appreciation or set Bounties, you first need to fund your account. If you've won other Bounties or gotten Appreciation from other users, then you can use those funds; otherwise, you'll need to add some money or cryptocurrency to your account first.

Supported Currencies

Currently, we support the following currencies for sending Appreciations or setting Bounties:

  1. USD

  2. Bitcoin (BTC)

  3. Ethereum (ETH)

  4. Litecoin (LTC)

  5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

We do not handle any of the payment processing. All USD funding is processed by PayPal and kept in the PayPal account, and all cryptocurrency funding is processed by Coinbase and held in a Coinbase Account. As a result, we do not conduct any exchanging; in other words, if you deposit in BTC, you can only send Appreciations and set Bounties in BTC. If you receive BTC, you cannot change that BTC to any other currency.

Funding with USD

Recharging your account adds more funds to it. To recharge in USD, just select the amount you want to deposit and click the blue Recharge button. It will take you to a PayPal page, where you can finalize your payment. Once the payment is processed, we immediately credit your account.

Funding with Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH)

We have designated wallet addresses provided by Coinbase for each account. To charge your cryptocurrency, just send an amount to the address that we listed for your account in the Recharge box. Once we have located the confirmation, we will immediately credit your account. Sometimes, this can take hours during times of high network congestion for the blockchain.

Withdrawing Funds

Whether you have made earnings through Appreciations or winning Bounty Prizes, or simply want to withdraw your deposit, we make the process very simple. You can withdraw at any time, and we take care of any fees that may be included in sending the funds to you.

Withdrawing with USD

To withdraw to USD, just type the amount you want to take out in the amount box within the Withdraw section for USD. You will also have to supply your PayPal email for us to know where to send your funds. After filling in that information, please type in your password as confirmation. We normally take 24-48 hours to process withdraws.

Withdrawing with Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH)

To withdraw into a cryptocurrency wallet, just type the amount you want to withdraw and the address you want to withdraw to. Click confirm and supply your password. We normally take 24-48 hours to process withdraws.

About Appreciations

Sending Appreciation is your way of showing that you value the content that you just saw. Your Appreciation is used to support the content creator and platform you sent on. 75% of each Appreciation goes to the content creator, and 25% goes to the platform, transaction fees, and enabling Worthyt.

Sending Appreciations

To see the Worthyt buttons on Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia, you must first download the Chrome Extension. Afterwards, a pale blue box will start showing up next to content. When you click the box, you send Appreciation. Don't worry, if you accidentally clicked it, you can cancel it. A red X button appears next to your Appreciation, and you can cancel it within one minute of when you first clicked it.


If you hold down your mouse button on the Appreciation button, your Appreciation will auto-increment. You can let go once your reach the amount you intend to use for Appreciation.

We also allow you to set your currency. To do this, just hover your mouse over the current currency icon, which appears when you are about to send an Appreciation. You can then select a different one (make sure you have funds for the selected currency, or you can't use it!). Afterwards, the new currency will be set as your default Appreciation. You can always change it back.

Changing Your Default Appreciation

By default, we set each appreciation to $0.10. No matter what currency you send Appreciations in, it will always send this equivalent amount. If you want to change this amount, you can go into the Preferences section of our Chrome Extension and update the Appreciation Amount. Now, any time you click the Appreciation button, your new amount will be sent.

About Bounties

Setting a Bounty is a great way to get answers or content you can't easily find on the Internet. You decide how much you want to set, and how much time people have to answer it. Your Bounty is used to reward the best response and the platform you set the Bounty on. 75% of each Bounty Reward goes to the content creator, and 25% goes to the platform, transaction fees, and enabling Worthyt services.

Setting Bounties

To set a bounty (only available on Reddit for Beta) all you have to go is go through the normal process of posting content. Before you hit the submit button, you'll notice a blue button that says Apply a Bounty next to it. Click it to expand the Bounty options. From there, you will set:

  1. The amount you are setting for the Bounty

  2. The currency you want to use for the Bounty

  3. The amount of time that you want to give for the community to respond

The amount you set is pegged to the currency you set; e.g., if you enter 10 and then set USD as the currency, the bounty will be set as $10 USD. If you set 0.1 and use ETH as the currency, the bounty will be set to 0.1 ETH.

Additional Features

Supporting Wikipedia

If you have a Worthyt account that's funded, you can send a donation to Wikipedia. When you send a donation, the full amount goes to Wikipedia. You can send just like how you would show Appreciation.

Adjusting What the Extension Shows

In the Preferences section of the extension, you are able to adjust whether or not you want to see the Appreciation and Bounty buttons. By toggling these views on and off, you can choose to see only what you want to see.

Become a Bounty Hunter

Ever dreamed about being a Bounty Hunter? We've got good news for you. All Bounties that users set through Worthyt are publicly listed in our Public Bounties page. Browse through all the different content requests and compete for the best answers to win Bounties!

Contacting Worthyt

Our project is currently in Beta. This means that we welcome as much feedback as possible from you. We're ready to listen!


For general comments, inquiries, or press, you can email us at

Reporting Bugs/Feedback

If you want to report any bugs, you can do so through our extension or by going to

If you want to leave any additional feedback, suggestions on how to improve, or other platforms we should be looking at integrating next, drop us an email (see above) or fill out our Feedback Form at



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